PODCAST Ep 520 – Bombs, Guns, and Racism | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

After finding the mysterious bomb sending Floridian late last week, the weekend only brought more chaos, complete with racism that was ever bound to be placed at the feet of President Trump. An antisemitic madman stormed a synagogue in Pittsburgh and killed 11 innocent Jewish worshipers. Six more people were injured, including four police officers.

At its core, racist beliefs are a weakness, meant to shield the mind from looking in the mirror. Instead of focusing on their own shortcomings, flaws, and failures, racists blame some other group of people, typically racial or religious minorities. After all, if it just “wasn’t for those Jews”. Weak people kill because they can’t face reality.

Taking time off from phony allegations of bigotry in the time of REAL racism would be too much to ask for the media. Instead, the weekend featured dozens of news pieces on Megyn Kelly and her ignorant defense of blackface. Some are predicting she’ll be returning to Fox News soon, but what role she’ll play is anybody’s guess.


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Source: PODCAST Ep 520 – Bombs, Guns, and Racism | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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