PODCAST: Ep 521 – Selective Censorship | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

Selective censorship is alive and well when Gab has had its hosting cut due to allowing antisemitic rhetoric on its platform, yet Twitter seems content to allow death threats against the President of the United States. Violent speech is wrong regardless of which side it is coming from, and it should be shunned by the public. However, censoring it also causes it to go underground and not be dealt with.

Like with many areas of life, what comes out of someone’s mouth (or keyboard warriors’ on Twitter accounts) is representative of what is actually going on in their head. Saying negative things leads to thinking negative things, which then leads to negative behavior and results in the rest of your life. Anyone making threats to ANY group of people has much deeper problems that need to be addressed. Censoring them does nothing to solve these underlying problems.


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Source: PODCAST: Ep 521 – Selective Censorship | PREUSSPODCAST.COM


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