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By my unofficial count, yesterday found the word “invasion” being batted about by virtually every Chat Show host in the country and the President during his remarks on the Immigration Crises. With apologies to John, in no way, shape or form does this surprise me. It actually hit me during the break yesterday, but I never got back to it. With the discussion of Wong, we found that one of the three limits placed on Birthright Citizenship is that Invaders, however that might be ultimately defined, is one of the limits.

Presto! Commence the labeling of illegal immigrants as “Invaders.” This, possibly as I still do not fully believe that Trump would actually do this before the mid-terms, would be the rationale behind an Executive Order to end Birthright Citizenship for South American Illegal Immigrants.

Look, I am not a big fan of illegal immigration. As I was once described, I am a rules-driven rules-smith. Come here… just follow the rules to do it.

That said, I am not on the side of the ledger that says that just because a person comes here illegally they are an “invader.” I get that the world *could* mean that in a limited sense. I also use the word love to describe how I feel about Baseball. But I really love my wife and my kids. If the word could only be applied in one sense, it wouldn’t be the game. When I use the word “invasion,” it doesn’t mean a group of people numbering less than a Brigade with no weapons or Naval Support coming in the back door. I get it, you *could* use it that way. Are you really willing and ready to use the force of government in the form of the US Military to kill people and break things for this specific definition of “invasion?”

And you still haven’t even considered the idea that if this definition is used and if the military force of the US Government causes death and destruction it will be without a Congressional debate, declaration of war or vote. It will be ONE man who decides to take us to war.


One of the arguments against letting more illegal immigrants into the country is the status of homeless veterans in the nation. Look, I am a veteran, and I am a former Homeless Services Industry executive. Not only are there less homeless veterans today than a year ago, there a lot of questions that people who are upset about this should be asking. Or maybe not. They won’t like the answers.

The semi-annual changing of the clocks is nigh upon us. This time, being Fall, we shift backward an hour, unless you happen to be in Arizona or in the future in California and other places. The change is one of those things that annoys people because they don’t understand it. Trust me, live in the Great White North, and you’ll see the effect. But in any case, nobody actually believes the Indian Meme about the blanket…

Little known Dave Diamond fact: One of my most favorite songs is Iko Iko. By anybody who does it. Every version of it has me dancing in my chair.


Source: INVASION! | Plausibly Live


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