PODCAST: Ep 525 – Midterm Madness | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

Ahead of the midterm elections, Trump, Obama, candidates for varying offices, and even Rush Limbaugh are giving their final pitches for why voters should choose them. After all of the hype has passed, why substance will be left? Sadly, not much. Neither party is interested in making the needed changes to avoid a fiscal and monetary collapse.

There is one strong reason to vote Republican though. Voting for Republicans and siding with President Trump is a middle finger to the establishment in Washington and the media elites. Their play card is already written – if you disagree with them on policy, you’re a racist, a sexist, or an Islamophobe.

Well, you know what? Americans are tired of being labeled as racists by the jackasses on the coasts who think they can tell us what is in our hearts. Don’t vote to try to achieve meaningful change. That won’t happen. But if you’re voting as a way to say “F You” to Washington – hell. You have this podcast’s blessing.



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