The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics | Plausibly Live

Everybody ready for 2019?

We start in the midst of yet another “partial” Government shutdown. Depending on your politics, this is either stupid or it’s brilliant. Add in a major nationally – actually internationally – covered illegal immigration versus legal immigration story, and you have a boiling pot of discussion, debate and flat out argument. Which parts are shut down? The ones that have to do with border security and justice. How odd.

SecDef Mattis resigned his post over the holiday. The given reason is that he “disagreed” with the Presidents announcement to withdraw American troops from Syria. Frankly, I am not buying that as the reason because there is no reasonable purpose for us being in Syria to begin with. But it is a convenient excuse…

New Horizons has discovered yet another… new horizon…

Source: The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics | Plausibly Live


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