Drafting Equality


A Federal Court has ruled that the Selective Service System is unconstitutional. Not because the Draft is an unfair, inequitable and abused system that violated the most basic of American ideals of Liberty, but because it was single-sexed. The exclusion of women from the system, declared the Federal Court system, makes it unconstitutional.

Look, I am no 60’s anti-war protestor, but I agree. The Draft system is a bad idea and flies in the face of what libertarianism holds dear: personal responsibility. That said, I have two main issues with the Draft system.

First, either the Draft includes everybody, or it is inherently unfair. The idea of exemptions for any reason other than “Unfit to Serve” is absurd. Whether it’s bone spurs or conscientious objection, exemptions by their very nature, make the system unbalanced and unfair.

More practically, the modern military is driven by highly motivated people. The sheer technical expertise required to man today’s military equipment requires that anybody who is doing it want to be there. Drafted people don’t want to be there.

No… I oppose the Draft. In fact, a funny story about how I oppose it almost got me in hot water once upon a time…


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