Another Application of Dave’s 3rd Law


The moral outrage over pretty much anything these days is completely phony.

In fact, like most things, we don’t really even understand why it exists. Seriously, pretty much everybody knows it’s fake. We condemn it as fake and we make statements that we should just stop it. Of course, we don’t mean “we” as much as we mean “you,” as evidenced by the fact that it just continues each day anew.

Which is just another manifestation of Dave’s 3rd Law: The more pious a person is, the less likely it is that they have anything about which to be pious.

When I wrote that law, it was more about churches and my own experience with trying to be a religious person who felt the need to preach at others for my perceptions of what they said and did, while ignoring my own behaviors. Through the years though, it has become more expansive and in this age of Social Media Moral outrage, it has hit what I hope will be its apex of applicability.

Nowadays it is an accepted social norm to be outraged over some perceived offense that actually isn’t. If you can’t find one that somebody else is pretending to be upset about, just make one up: “Did you hear what that politician you didn’t vote for said about people who don’t support her? She’s a witch!”

Meanwhile, Diogenes keeps shining his lamp in your face and demanding to know why you are not outraged?


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