The Devil Is a Good Communist


Sixty-six years ago, a man died.

“Big deal,” you say. Lots of people died this day sixty-six years ago. In fact, thousands of people died that day. But only one death inspired both sheer terror and great rejoicing. And it started an entire industry of undoing what he had spent his seventy-four years doing. Which was mostly killing other people.

Also, a look at a practical application of why Gamble v US matters beyond the Paul Manafort is about to unfold in front of our very eyes…

And following up on the last show, the problem with Facebook and Social Media, in general, is that it is a binary set, a black or white solution. And as an old friend used to insist to me, the world is made up of infinite shades of gray. In the world of Social Media, though, it’s either Like or Dislike.


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