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PRODUCERS NOTE: Dave is HIGHLY distracted today. I get what he is saying, just understand that he is really distracted today… – Producer Henri

Usually, Monday’s are really easy for me. There’s a bunch of stuff from the weekend and late Friday news dumps that it’s really not even work to come up with a topic and an opinion about it. Even today, a Monday, there is a whole bunch of stuff and I have opinions about it all.


It just seems harder today. For all the stuff that is so typical of Talk Radio and the “It’s the other sides fault” mantras, I have hit a problem that my brain recognizes but my heart will not allow me to ignore. First off, I just cannot see very well right now. I have needed new glasses prescription for more than a year, but it keeps getting put off.

At the same time, I am starting to wonder about the absolute avalanche of information that bombards me every minute of every day. I know that it is a manifestation of Dave’s 2nd Law and corollary, at the same time, I haven’t a clue what to do about it.

Once upon a time, I could start with an idea and pull at threads until I made sense of the idea. Nowadays, it’s become, “OH LOOK, A WOMAN MARRIED HERSELF!” threads that lead nowhere except to frustration and depression.

Or Game of Thrones. It’s no wonder people need brain candy these days.


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