Myths and Realities

In today’s politically charged atmosphere it is easier to just assume that whenever anybody “on the other side” says something – anything at all – it is automatically 100% wrong. Why? Because they are on the other side and we don’t like them. Therefore, whatever they say, even if it is as simple as “The sky is blue,” it gets spun and presented on our newsfeeds as “How insane is this? They said the sky is blue!”

And like dutiful myrmidons, we repost it and add our two cents worth (not having actually read it, of course, and the next thing you know we are arguing over the presentation rather than the initial issue, whatever it may be.

If all you read is Politically Right-side news, you might think that AOC said that the VA is the reincarnation of M*A*S*H’s “Best Care Anywhere” motto. You might think that she said that the VA’s healthcare system is perfect and that the reported problems with the system as “a myth.” no doubt if you saw that, you reposted it as proof that she is an insane leftist with no clue about anything.

Speaking as someone who is deeply engaged in the VA process right now, I think that if you actually listen to what she said, and not the spun, edited hyped up faux outrage, you might hear something different.

Of course, that would require you to think for yourself and not allow Sean Hannity to tell you what you think…


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