Jonathan Robbins

I am almost always amused when politicians today talk about how tough they have it. You know the lines they use… “Nobody has ever been attacked like I have been…” or my new favorite, “This is the worst (fill in the blank situation) that the Nation has ever faced. There is much talk of impeachment and “the worst ever” this or that.

Once upon a time, we talked about the Second Man to be President. In any case, it turned out to be John Adams, one of the men who served the revolution literally from the beginning. But now, as President, he faces “the worst situation the nation” has ever faced. France, our longtime ally and friend is attacking our merchant ships at sea. There are reports that French Officials have attempted to bribe American diplomats. And languishing in an American jail, is an Englishman, Jonathan Robbins,  having been arrested in South Carolina for murder and mutiny. The Republicans are furious that Adams is interfering in the case. They call it “obstruction” and they are certain that they have grounds to impeach the man who most today hold in the highest regard.

NOTE: There are a couple of errors in the slides, particularly John Marshall being misidentified as John Jay. This is pointed out in the audio of the show.


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