The Wayback Machine

I realize that there are certain subjects about which one is not allowed to express an opinion, solely depending on the hue of one’s dermis. That said, I have come to believe that a good deal of our problems can be traced to the idea that your or my opinion cannot have any value whatsoever because I don’t like you or you don’t like me. As Ovid once said, “It is right to learn. Even from one’s opponent” (yes, that’s a paraphrase because the Latin does not exactly translate into English, deal with it).

During the Democrat Party Not-a-Debate last week, Senator Kamala Harris blasted former Vice-President and Senator Joe Biden over his “record” on Court ordered mandatory busing of students to different schools during the 1970s. It was a planned line, as her Campaign immediately began selling T-Shirts with the phrase, “I was That Little Girl” on them for a mere $30 “donation” to her campaign fund.

A wise man once said that a piece of cloth with only one side makes for awful thin material. Much like the debate over reparations for slavery, there is another side to this Busing issue that gets lost and somehow or another forgotten. What is that side? Well… let’s get in the Wayback Machine and travel back to 1974, in Denver, Colorado…


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