E Pluribus Historia

Kind of a “Free-For-All Show today. The show I had planned for today got pushed back a bit, so I could either not do a show at all, or I could shoot from the hip and drop as many shooting metaphors I can work into this and talk about whatever pops into my brain.

Which, as of this moment, is the reaction to the Mueller testimony.

Now look, I really meant what I said the other day, I could not possibly care less about the hearings. NOTHING will change because of them. Period. That said, I am absolutely enthralled by the reactions to the hearings, particularly from those who seem hell-bent on convincing me that the rules of Congressional procedures and the legal system laid down for us two hundred and thirty-two years ago would set aside all the basic principles that we live by and in the interest of “We don’t like him,” ask that I would nod my head and agree with them that “something must be done!”

On the other side of the coin are the Republican sycophants who – just a few days ago – were explaining to me that deficits don’t really matter.

And through all of this, my friend MILSURPWRITER, asks some really good questions about how we use history to our own advantage without much consideration as to whether it really applies or not…


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