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http://media.blubrry.com/thedavebowmanshow/www.slipperyfish.com/podcast99/dave_bowman/2018/12_december_2018/360_12062018_dorr.mp3 DOWNLOAD MP3 The Constitution guarantees each and every state a “republican form of government.” So is Florida’s rather hectic and confused use of multiple methods of amending its State Constitution actually “Constitutional” in the sense of being done by a “republican form of government” as guaranteed in Article IV, Section 4? Once upon a... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the 21st Century | Plausibly Live

Amazon has been playing the fiddle… the tax fiddle. some cities are waking up today and realizing how much of a tax burden they dodged by NOT getting the new Amazon HQ2 Divided by 2. Unfortunately for New York residents, it’ll cost them at least $43K each… The answer is the same that’s it has... Continue Reading →


Following the 2018 Midterm elections, there’s a bit of aftermath to deal with. With the House in Democrat control, and with Nancy Pelosi likely to regain her role as Speaker, where does this leave Congress and its relationship with President Trump? http://media.blubrry.com/preusspodcast/s/PreussPodcast.com/Podcasts/Episode526.mp3 DOWNLOAD MP3 PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW’S SPONSORS! Detox Organics – Save 15% with... Continue Reading →

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