It's hard to believe that we are coming up on ten years of Constitution Thursday... September 17th is, of course, Constitution Day, the day that the framers signed the proposed Constitution of the United States. It is also the birthday of one John Rutledge, a member of the Convention that proposed the new Constitution. He... Continue Reading →


The NPV Death Knell?

The recent decision by the 10th Circuit court has renewed interest in two things: first, the Electoral College and the possibility of so-called "Faithless Electors." Second, the idea of the interstate compact known as "The National Popular Vote." The idea of the second is to "guarantee" that the person who gets the most "popular votes"... Continue Reading →


In 1835 the US Government managed to negotiate a treaty with the Cherokee Tribe that replaced the previous treaty that was supposed to be in perpetuity. This time, the Cherokee “agreed” to leave their ancestral lands in exchange for a lot of money and never come back. There were, of course, some issues with the... Continue Reading →

The Freedom to Give Advice

Down in Florida, the State ordered a Diet Coach to cease and desist from giving - and charging for - advice to clients on how to lose weight. On the one hand, the idea that people can't talk to each other and provide a service for which they are in return paid for that service... Continue Reading →

Supreme Rulings

As the 2018-19 Supreme Court Session winds down, three rulings have recently been released that have the attention of talking heads everywhere. Joining Dave to chat about then is Pat the Lawyer from Constitution Thursday - The Saturday Podcast. First up, the Bladensburg Cross has passions running high, but the Court reached a 7-2 decision... Continue Reading →

Frederick Muhlenberg

In the wake of the elections of 1788, the 1st Congress of The United States began to gather in New York. To say that absolutely nobody had any clue what to do would be the understatement of the last two centuries. Sure, they had the rules laid out in Article I and plenty of experience... Continue Reading →

In Huawei Is That a Bill of Attainder?

"No Bill of Attainder... shall be passed..." - Article 1 Section 9 In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency, the only person to ever do so. The primary evidence against him was a set of tapes that he had made in the Oval Office, which purported to contain direct evidence of the Watergate Conspiracy,... Continue Reading →

Where Millions and Millions Agree

In Boston last week, a Liberty Pole was raised. Once upon a time that was a VERY common occurrence. It had deep symbolism to the Revolutionary Generation. Along with other symbols, it pointed to their ideas for what exactly they were willing to pledge their lives, their treasures, and their sacred honor. Through the years... Continue Reading →

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