TWIUSP – 05-12-2018

  J is discussing the case heard at the Supreme Court of the United States heard in February. The case Janus v State, County, Municipal Employees is about how non-union employees have to pay non-member union dues to the union. The union argues that it needs these funds. Specifically, J looks at how this can... Continue Reading →


TWIUSP – 04/01/2018

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J talks about the supplemental budget passed in Washington State. J also discusses House Resolution 5087, the "Assault Weapons Ban." And finally, J talks about the rhetoric of the POTUS and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

TWIUSP Episode 6

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J goes freestyle. He discusses Free Speech, gun control, and health care. Take this as a lesson in being prepared and making sure your ready to go on air.

TWIUSP – Episode 5

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J discusses the Olympian/Tacoma News Tribune article about a shooter in a road rage incident who is not being charged in the incident. J also talks about the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking.  Finally J looks into the new initiative process in Washington State and the... Continue Reading →

TWIUSP – Episode 4

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J discusses the Navy Times article about sailors’ time deployed, known as Personnel Tempo or PERSTEMPO. J also talks about the new Florida Gun Control law that the NRA has already filed a federal lawsuit.  

TWIUSP – Episode 3

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J continues his discussion on the Washington State Senate Bill 6617, Public Records Act addendum, and the veto by Governor Inslee. J also discusses about “Loot Boxes” and recommends you check out the YouTube channel “Extra Credits” as they are industry experts. What industry? Video games!... Continue Reading →

TWIUSP – Episode 2

On today’s episode of “This Week In U.S. Politics”, J discusses a new law set to go into effect in Washington State about the Legislature and Public Records Act. You can read the article in The Olympian below as well as the bill itself. Also J restates his position on gun control and how we... Continue Reading →

Russia, Russia, Russia

Russia, Russia, Russia! Today J was discussing the indictment of Russian nationals and companies. J read from the Department of Justice press release and the Federal Election Commission website. Below will be the links that J read from. He also goes into why this is important but not the most important part of this topic,... Continue Reading →

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