Thoughts by J: First They Came for Alex Jones



TWIUSP – 05-12-2018

  J is discussing the case heard at the Supreme Court of the United States heard in February. The case Janus v State, County, Municipal Employees is about how non-union employees have to pay non-member union dues to the union. The union argues that it needs these funds. Specifically, J looks at how this can... Continue Reading →

TWIUSP – 04/01/2018

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J talks about the supplemental budget passed in Washington State. J also discusses House Resolution 5087, the "Assault Weapons Ban." And finally, J talks about the rhetoric of the POTUS and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

TWIUSP Episode 6

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J goes freestyle. He discusses Free Speech, gun control, and health care. Take this as a lesson in being prepared and making sure your ready to go on air.

TWIUSP – Episode 5

In this installment of This Week in U.S. Politics, J discusses the Olympian/Tacoma News Tribune article about a shooter in a road rage incident who is not being charged in the incident. J also talks about the passing of Professor Stephen Hawking.  Finally J looks into the new initiative process in Washington State and the... Continue Reading →

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