The Vicious Vinyl Homebrewer

On this episode of the Ale the Scotsman, Rodbo , and Drew are joined by a very special guest. Homebrewer Scott from the Ripon Brewins joins us to pour 4 of his homebrews for the show. He poured an American Amber, a Chocolate Brownie Stout, a Pumpkin Pie Ale, and a Pale Ale. The guys... Continue Reading →


Knee Deep… In Beer

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey, Rodbo, and the Scotsman sip some listener-provided IPA. The show beer this week is brought to you by Patrick Krebbs, who supplied a caramel-malt-forward IPA from Dragonmead Brewing out in Michigan (a Midwest brewery, I’ll have you know!). Next, the guys talk about the lawsuit against... Continue Reading →

Green Flash In A Pan

On this episode, Whitey and the Scotsman get to drink Contains No Juice by the most excellent Alvarado Street Brewing Company. It really deserves its name and is really a great beer. With that out of the way, the guys begin to talk about the current goings-on with Green Flash Brewing Company. How has such... Continue Reading →

Never Fear… Glitter Beer!

On this wandering, wide-ranging episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey and the Scotsman talk about everything from Koolickles (which they actually TASTE on the show) to glitter beer, to retro video games, to spiders, to unique beer dispensing methods, to entering the beer fest season. They go all OVER the place. Show beers for... Continue Reading →

The Beer Fix

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Whitey, Drew, and the Scotsman are joined once again by Hank Olson of the Food Fix Truck to talk food, flavors, koolickles (?) and beer. The guys drink Crux’s Cast Out IPA, Mikkeller’s Hammerhead Corvette Double NE IPA, and Blaker Brewing’s absolutely delectable Pineapple Milkshake IPA. What... Continue Reading →

Should We Shed a TIER?

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the Scotsman reunites with Drew and Whitey to talk about why Rodbo was...well...indisposed and unable to record. Quickly the topics turn to (what else?) beer! After talking about what has been up in a beery fashion, the guys discuss briefly whether the oft-maligned three-tier system has actually... Continue Reading →

The Gang’s All Here

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the gang’s all here, and they’ve got some beers to drink. The show beers this episode were brought to you by Manteca Joe, as he donated the Cutthroat Porter from Odell Brewing and the Braveheart Nitro Scottish Style Ale from Left Hand Brewing. What a great way... Continue Reading →

Solo Local Grab Bag

On this solo episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the Scotsman covers a variety of topics, most of which center around the Central Valley beer scene. To begin, the coveted uKeg finally arrives, and the Scotsman discusses whether it was worth the 3 year wait. Next, FINALLY, Blaker Brewing is open, and the Scotsman gives... Continue Reading →

Rodbo Is Punished

On this long-awaited episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Rodbo returns, only to be accosted with a Double IPA from Revision. Will this be the hop-laden elixir that finally convinces Rodbo that hops are not the demon-plant he has made them out to be? Will he actually admit that he was misguided and fooled by... Continue Reading →

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