Move Your Bum Ass Out

Download Link A Court orders a 30-Year-Old Man to get his bum behind out of his folks' house. Most of us applaud the Court;¬†after all, tough love is the best policy. But how did we get into this in the first place? Is there no responsibility on the Parental units for allowing their son to... Continue Reading →



Fifty years ago, USS Scorpion's 99 Men went down and never came back up. For fifty years, we have speculated, argued, debated, discussed, pontificated and theorized about what happened that day. There are camps who believe that a Mk 37 torpedo lit off and experienced a hot run in the Torpedo Room. Others believe the... Continue Reading →

Below the Fold

DOWNLOAD Does anybody remember the news Friday? Is the reason that it is so quickly forgotten simply a fairytale wedding or a tweet from the President? Or are there other reasons why the thing that made so many self-proclaimed "Activists" so... well, active, has already disappeared below the fold? Our modern social interactions might be... Continue Reading →

Why Care?

DOWNLOAD school shooting in Texas this morning has passions once again inflamed. It is far, far to early to draw any conclusions. As of this moment we have virtually no information whatsoever from which to conclude anything. But the one thing that we do know is that Social Media and traditional media will be full... Continue Reading →

Federalism Is Good For Liberals Too

Download Link It's Constitution Thursday, and we take a look at Federalism and its evolution in The United States under the Constitution. What seemed at first to be a pretty clear distinction between state and Federal powers, has slowly morphed into a whole lot more Federal and less State. And the journey to get there... Continue Reading →

Influence For Money

Somebody explain to me why a Russian buying $150k worth of ads on Facebook is bad, but an ex-Congressman who spent $84,000 tax dollars to settle his own sexual misconduct charge getting hired by a Texas Port Authority (salary $160,000.10/year) to take "part in an organized attempt to influence legislators" is just fine and dandy?... Continue Reading →

Meme Madness

There is some good news today - the "experts" have decided that they now know what happened to MH-370 which disappeared in 2014. They still don't know where it is, but they announced they know what happened. If you need to post memes that make up stuff about political figures that isn't true to show... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Thing About Not Working

We are watching Seattle literally eat itself over the Amazon tax. The wonderful thing about spending a weekend not working is that one has time to think about things. Which, technically, is working after all because I make my bones by forming opinions about things about which I have spent time thinking. So I guess... Continue Reading →

Should Democracy Be Fixed?

There is a strong tendency to accept that "democracy," however defined, is "broken. It then follows that things that are broken, need to be fixed, so let's throw out some proposals to "fix" Democracy. Before we head off in the direction of fixing it shouldn't we ask the question as to how to know if... Continue Reading →

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