Acute Flaccid Myelitis | Plausibly Live

You may have noticed that the last couple of days we have not had our News with Alex Ross. Alex is traveling to be with his father, ISCS Rob Ross who is retiring from the US Navy today. Senior Chief Ross joined the Navy when he was 22 and has been in it “longer than... Continue Reading →


CT – What If Oklahoma Isn’t Oklahoma Anymore? | Plausibly Live

The Congress shall have Power To …regulate Commerce…with the Indian Tribes… ARTICLE I, SECTION 8, CLAUSE 3 That’s how it always begins. Very small. A man living in Oklahoma has a girlfriend who has an ex-boyfriend who gets into it with the man. In a gruesome crime, the ex-boyfriend is murdered, his genitals left on... Continue Reading →

Who Am I? | Plausibly Live

In the broad scheme of things, we are all individuals, as different from each other as we can possibly be. And yet, we are all the same. No matter how far you go back in time, you can’t help but notice that we all came from the same place, the same beginning. In the core... Continue Reading →

First and Ninth | Plausibly Live

First Man, the new movie about Neil Armstrong and the first Apollo Moon landing, has been reviewed by the dunderheads at NBC. Needless to say, they turned one of the crowning achievements of mankind into a racist, misogynist, cisgendered attack of White Privilege. Which means that it’s a great movie and we should all go... Continue Reading →

Racist Internet Dating | Plausibly Live

Hurricanes just suck. I have way more experience with hurricanes than anybody raised in the Mountain West should ever have to have and I can say with authority and conviction that hurricanes just suck. I continue to be amazed by our schizophrenic culture. On the one hand, tolerance! On the other hand, just say no... Continue Reading →

La Revolution Imbecellique | Plausibly Live

There was once a time when the “people,” demanded that their government cow-tow to their demands for “justice.” The government reacted by declaring that anybody – ANYBODY – who opposed its declarations of what was right and wrong was an enemy of the State and would be executed. In Los Angeles, a US Professor with... Continue Reading →

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