Atomic Bombs of Truth

  In the wake of the recent spate of violence, or as Mayor Pete calls it, "the White Nationalist attack on our National Security," a respected scientist and certainly no Conservative sent out a tweet. Because that's what we do now. Anyway, the tweet contained much truth. It was truth that nobody can deny nor... Continue Reading →


Building Pyramids

  It was an interesting and busy week. Now I am back and ready to get going. There are a few housekeeping things first. You will notice that the show has switched to SOUNDCLOUD for the audio player. If you download the show via your podcast app, nothing should change. If it does, let me... Continue Reading →

Straight No Chaser

For the better part of 500 episodes, you have heard Tim Preuss give you his take on the news and politics of the day. Now Tim has set a new course, heading out to see America and maybe even the world. Today he joins Dave to talk politics, coffee, music, Cuba, Alabama, and all about... Continue Reading →

E Pluribus Historia

Kind of a "Free-For-All Show today. The show I had planned for today got pushed back a bit, so I could either not do a show at all, or I could shoot from the hip and drop as many shooting metaphors I can work into this and talk about whatever pops into my brain. Which,... Continue Reading →

The Freedom to Give Advice

Down in Florida, the State ordered a Diet Coach to cease and desist from giving - and charging for - advice to clients on how to lose weight. On the one hand, the idea that people can't talk to each other and provide a service for which they are in return paid for that service... Continue Reading →

Russian Pineapple

Unless you've been under a rock - and it's entirely possible that you have been - you know about the two biggest issues facing the nation today. First, Robert Mueller is going to spend an aggregate total of five hours on Capitol Hill today not getting a chance to answer questions from Congress weasels who... Continue Reading →

Flags of Convenience

The world is holding its collective breath as the Steno Impero, a Chinese built, British Flagged, owned by a Swedish Company (Steno Bulk), licensed through a Create based LLC, operated by a Scotland based operations company and with a crew that does not include a single UK citizen tanker sits in an Iranian Port, having... Continue Reading →

Ice Station Zebra

In 1963, Alister McClain published a novel about a spy satellite that fell from orbit and landed in a place where almost nobody could get to it. Almost. The book and the 1968 film, tell the story of the race by an American atomic-powered attack submarine to get to the ice pack and land a... Continue Reading →

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