In Huawei Is That a Bill of Attainder?

"No Bill of Attainder... shall be passed..." - Article 1 Section 9 In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency, the only person to ever do so. The primary evidence against him was a set of tapes that he had made in the Oval Office, which purported to contain direct evidence of the Watergate Conspiracy,... Continue Reading →


Because It’s There

It is one of those days. So much news and so much to do that it's hardly possible to even know where to start. with breathless anticipation, the announcement came early this morning to my local news that Robert Mueller was going to hold a presser. "This is it!" so many screeched on Social Media.... Continue Reading →


As Julian Assange faces a revised indictment, much ado is made in the media about an assault on the 1st Amendment. Let me be clear here, I think that Julian Assange is filth. Nothing he has done has accomplished anything he purported to be his aims. No hinted promise he has ever made as to... Continue Reading →

Where Millions and Millions Agree

In Boston last week, a Liberty Pole was raised. Once upon a time that was a VERY common occurrence. It had deep symbolism to the Revolutionary Generation. Along with other symbols, it pointed to their ideas for what exactly they were willing to pledge their lives, their treasures, and their sacred honor. Through the years... Continue Reading →

The Only Thing We Know

1968 was a bad year for submarines. The French, the Israelis, the Russians, and the United States all lost boats that year. For the US, the loss of Scorpion has proven to be particularly vexing. Even in Submarine School in 1982 it was discussed and debated. At the end of the day, there are several... Continue Reading →

Feres Declined

Yesterday, it was announced that the Supreme Court had declined to hear a case which was challenging the Feres Doctrine. This is a long-standing SCOTUS ruling that military personnel are not permitted to sue the Government for medical malpractice or in the event of injury, illness or even death. Many, including two sitting Associate Justices,... Continue Reading →

Feelings vs Reality

There is a truth that nobody really wants to talk about. The truth is that Women's Professional Hockey leagues are never going to compete with or even be truly comparable with the NHL. You can argue it all you want, but nobody is going to pay NHL or even ECHL ticket prices for Women's Professional... Continue Reading →

Moral Arguments

In the initial fallout of the Alabama Bomb come the moral arguments. for all of the debate over whether or not a fetus is a human life or just a "mass of cells," the one that stands out to me is the "My Body My choice" arguments. Why? Because regardless of where you are on... Continue Reading →

When Alabama Gets The Bomb

One of my mentors in this business once told me that there are topics which should always be avoided. The number one reason for that is that nothing that I say is going to change anybody's mind. Period. People have already made up their minds about it and anybody who says that they haven't is... Continue Reading →

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