Do As I Say!

For years we have scoffed at those who purport to support the idea. Generally, they are either tyrannical dictatorial bureaucratic Stalinists; or they are poor misguided and ignorant souls who think that by professing a true belief in a bad idea that them to will virtue signal what great people they actually are and how... Continue Reading →


Karma Chameleon

In an interview about his hit song, Karma Chameleon, Boy George explained that the song is about "[T]he fear of standing up for one thing. It's about trying to suck up to everybody." Oddly enough, I had my first opportunity to see a real live chameleon up close and personal yesterday. Completely by accident. Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →

A Taxing Solution

One of the biggest drawbacks to history as a popular culture event is that we have long ago lost the connection to those folks who "were there" when it happened. Prince Charles hinted at this yesterday when speaking about it being the last real opportunity we (corporately) would have to really connect with the D-Day... Continue Reading →

One Day of Many

On the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day, a blog from a fellow historian has me wondering about how we communicate to the next generation the meaning of war and conflict. How do we show them that there is a process to determine whether or not a war is needed or just wanted? Explaining World War II... Continue Reading →

Article 99

I have long said that I have a philosophical problem with the way we do policing in this nation. every time that I say that people assume that I mean that I do not "support" Law enforcement, whatever that means. Obviously, I do not have an "I Support Law Enforcement" sticker on my truck or... Continue Reading →

A Tree Without Roots

There are days when I feel... really old. still, there is nothing new except what we can learn about history. which is why it is so important that we find a way to communicate to the younger generations the horror and brutality of the communist government of China's attack on its own people who wanted... Continue Reading →


It seems like everybody - except me - is going to Philadelphia this year! Our News guy, Alex, spent last week there, and one of our long-time listeners just went for a few days. Of all the places that I want to go see, Philadelphia is right up there. I actually did see it one... Continue Reading →

In Huawei Is That a Bill of Attainder?

"No Bill of Attainder... shall be passed..." - Article 1 Section 9 In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned from the Presidency, the only person to ever do so. The primary evidence against him was a set of tapes that he had made in the Oval Office, which purported to contain direct evidence of the Watergate Conspiracy,... Continue Reading →

Because It’s There

It is one of those days. So much news and so much to do that it's hardly possible to even know where to start. with breathless anticipation, the announcement came early this morning to my local news that Robert Mueller was going to hold a presser. "This is it!" so many screeched on Social Media.... Continue Reading →

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