HAPPY HOLODAYS! Live from the Pacific Northwest, where Dave lives and John is visiting to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the boys are back and sitting down together literally minutes after John saw the film. After a long discussion of travel, train wrecks, the RMS TiTanic and turkey, they will spoil the daylights out... Continue Reading →


Like Tears in the Rain

The Boys are back together and talking about one of their favorite things - Science fiction! Justin Timberlake is back as the Super Bowl halftime show. Given what happened last time he showed up, and the way it effected Dave & John's daily business, they have some concerns about the whole thing. Plus, if Christopher... Continue Reading →

Ask Dave & John’s Moms

Sometimes it seems strange to think about it, but Dave & John were only on the air together for just over two years. But what a two years it was! One of their best ideas - and subsequently best few hours - was when they decided to have their Parents on the show for Mothers... Continue Reading →

Punishering the Frork

The boys are back for one last rodeo before the big move for Dave to the PACNORWEST. Netflix has ruined watching television. How? They'll explain it. Is McDonalds going to destroy the fork? The move is going about as well as expected, which means that things are stressful and tragic at Dave's house. The Punisher... Continue Reading →

Classic Top 5: Fast Food

Classic Dave & John from the 3rd week of April. As the Boston Bombers are approaching their end, Dave & John turned their attention to the worst thing imaginable - Fast Food! So obsessive about this is Dave, that he will even tell you the expenditures of his personal budget on fast food. Surely there... Continue Reading →

Singh, Concordia! Singh!

On this classic Dave & John, in early April of 2013, there came news that a musical production based on two things, the sinking of the Costa Concordia and Gilligan's Island, was in the works. But this would be no ordinary musical! Meanwhile, AJ mockery and a caller who gets on John's bad side lead... Continue Reading →

101 Uses For an Air Compressor

Dave & John share their thoughts on the whole Flat Earth versus Space X conflict, including reading tweets from Tila Tequila, who is not convinced that New York City should be standing up straight. It kind of frustrates Dave because, you know.,.. science. There's a new Star wars "fan" trailer out, and that is what... Continue Reading →

I Know a Guy

The boys are back! Should they be freaking out over the Glorious Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea? Or is it just the smell of the Kim-Chi in Dave's second refrigerator? Meanwhile, some Manteca Farmers - not Chris Teicheria who was off being funny with DasĀ German (Das - the singular, see? A little foreshadowing), save Manteca... Continue Reading →

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