Classic Dave & John – The Third Tunnel of Aggression

Having conjured up the Lucifer storm, John is on the road today, driving into the face of the storm to show it just who is really boss. So, in honor of the recent news from the Glorious Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (It's none of those things. Watch Frontline for once!), we take you back... Continue Reading →


Heaven & Hell. Mostly Hell.

Dave opens the show by sort or, almost, kind of apologizing to John for his opinion - which we point out was correct - about the 1984 film, "Dune," which stared an almost naked Sting with an amazing grin on his face. They get into some other books that were good, then made into really... Continue Reading →

When It Comes to Bacon

Please, nobody panic. But the country may be coming to an end. There is a shortage of delicious bacon and we all know what that means. Or, maybe there isn't a shortage of bacon and it's just a fake news story. Either way, panic, anger and protesting is not really the best way to handle... Continue Reading →

Trafficking In The 209

The Dave & John Show was born in the heart of the 209, and even if the boys aren't "here," per se, they still can tell you their own personal stories of Modesto traffic hell. While John is coming back to the 209 for the weekend, Dave is headed up US 99 to┬áthe 253 (Tacoma)... Continue Reading →

The Slants

Dave & John take a look at the inauguration of the new President, and their own concerns about things going forward, particularly in the areas of free speech and freedom of the press. Free Speech means that offensive terms and ideas are part of the entire deal. just because something offends you or me shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Spoilers

SPOILER ALERTS!!!! A year after they were supposed to do it, Dave & John are back together to talk Star Wars. Both Episode VII and Rogue One! The boys talk about what they thought of the two newest Star Wars flicks, which contain all the spoilers that Dave swore he would never talk about until... Continue Reading →

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