Episode 540 – A New Direction

  Tim makes the announcement that due to a new project he is working on, specifically, a travel documentary series, the podcast itself will be temporarily (or perhaps permanently) put on hiatus. Follow Tim across social media to stay up to date on what’s coming next! Facebook.com/PreussPodcast Instagram.com/PreussPodcast Twitter.com/Tim_Preuss


Tim Preuss opens the program by talking about the recent mass shooting in New Zealand, which brings a mirage of other issues to the table, including gun control, suicide, and mental health. Is the problem guns? No. Is the problem Donald Trump? No. The problem is crazy people, who do crazy things, that can never... Continue Reading →


Capitalism is under assault from the people who know the least about it. The same system that has lifted billions of people out of poverty is being criticized as if there is some other viable economic system that could have better results.AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and other far left socialists are all pushing central planning, in... Continue Reading →

The Tim Preuss Podcast – Episode 530 | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

Tim Preuss addresses the ever more popular idea of reparations, which are now being openly embraced by three Democratic Presidential contenders. The story goes that due to slavery, blacks in America have never had the same opportunities as whites. http://media.blubrry.com/preusspodcast/s/PreussPodcast.com/Podcasts/Episode530.mp3 This, of course, assumes that we reject decades of history both after the Civil War... Continue Reading →


http://media.blubrry.com/preusspodcast/s/PreussPodcast.com/Podcasts/Episode528.mp3 Source: PODCAST: Ep 528 - Welcome Back! | PREUSSPODCAST.COM Tim Preuss makes his return to podcasting by first addressing the arrest of long-time Donald Trump advocate Roger Stone. Regardless of Stone’s own politics, the events that unfolded bring unnerving truths to light. The FBI is tipping off news agencies in order to put on... Continue Reading →

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