US Military To Combat “Fake News…”

How about NO!!!!! Apparently, DARPA is going to be creating AI to look for, identify, and assess the INTENT of what IT considers "Fake News"


Wilkes 45

Recently, a sitting member of Congress informed us that she was pretty upset about the people who are "making fun" of Congress members. She went on to say that she was demanding that those who dared mock her and other Congressweasels were to be hunted down by large dogs and bitten unless they stop it... Continue Reading →

Jonathan Robbins

I am almost always amused when politicians today talk about how tough they have it. You know the lines they use... "Nobody has ever been attacked like I have been..." or my new favorite, "This is the worst (fill in the blank situation) that the Nation has ever faced. There is much talk of impeachment... Continue Reading →


This is The President & The Constitution,” a Friday feature segment of The Dave Bowman Show Today we turn the pages of history to 1852 when one of the most forgotten men in American History won election to the highest office in the land. How he got there isn’t as important as what he did.... Continue Reading →


Tim Preuss takes on the "Green New Deal" in this episode. If the first New Deal wasn't bad enough, the new Green version is even more of a nightmare. The real goal of environmentalists and global warming alarmists isn't to "combat climate change", but rather to hoist themselves on pedestals as saviors of the Earth.... Continue Reading →

West of Kanye

Plausibly Live

Happy International Podcast Day!

I have some things that I passionately believe.

I want to become a functional Internet Radio Station. I want anybody who has a voice to be able to have a place where they can share what they have to say without any of the typical barriers that get thrown up to stop people. The truth is that 99.9999% of people will never get a radio show, and if you do, you will pay through the teeth for it. Or, like my fellow host Tim Preuss, you will be asked to give up some things that matter to you to get it. I want people to be able to talk about what matters to them with passion and without fear. Most of all, I don’t want for money to ever be a reason that a person doesn’t think that what they have to say is…

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Ep 497 – Demand Evidence!

Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing a brutal smear job by Democrats, but he has at least one thing on his side – there is no evidence of him doing anything wrong with Christine Blasey Ford. When we’re dealing with judging someone, either in a courtroom or in the public sphere, we must remember to look for... Continue Reading →

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