Should Democracy Be Fixed?

There is a strong tendency to accept that "democracy," however defined, is "broken. It then follows that things that are broken, need to be fixed, so let's throw out some proposals to "fix" Democracy. Before we head off in the direction of fixing it shouldn't we ask the question as to how to know if... Continue Reading →


Killer DNA

Overnight, Israel responded to another rocket attack by pounding sites associated with the Iranian Republican Guard in Syria. As the sun rose, things seemed to calm down a bit. But will that be the end of the matter? Probably not... And we take a look at the recent arrest of a man in California, accused... Continue Reading →

Pulling Out

Now that the President has junked US participation in the Iranian Nuclear Deal, maybe the Talking Heads that inform so many on both sides of what their opinion is will take a few moments and find out what exactly was in the agreement in the first place? At the end of the day, what will... Continue Reading →

The Officer of the Deck

Why is there so much effort being expended to "increase voter participation?" In King County, there is an idea being implemented to make vote-by-mail ballots postage free. Or more precisely, pre-paid postage. Presumably, the funding will come from the vast resources the County has that it is not already spending on addressing the "homeless crises"... Continue Reading →

The Freshmaker

Despite a very weak voice and the lingering effects of Spring Cold 18, Dave takes a look at the end of World War II and the ways that it could never happen this way in today's world. Why not? Because we have forgotten why Congress was given the power to declare war, not the President... Continue Reading →

Sentimental Journey

*This is a throwback episode from 2015... Seventy years ago today*, the world was able to exhale in relief and celebrate the end of the War in Europe. My Grandfather, Herb Bowman, and my Uncle Mick Harris would have celebrated this day in their own ways, Grandpa with prayers of thanksgiving, Uncle¬†Mick as a Sailor... Continue Reading →

When Socialism Met Reality

The City of Seattle had an idea. The $200 Million they are spending every year on "addressing homelessness" wasn't enough to solve whatever issue they are trying to solve. They needed more. Looking around, they realized that there are some six hundred businesses located in Seattle that have revenues of more than $20 Million/year. They... Continue Reading →

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