PODCAST: Ep 527 – Calling Out Acosta | PREUSSPODCAST.COM

During a press conference the day after the midterm elections, President Trump blasted CNN reporter Jim Acosta for being a hack journalist and working for a fake news network. It was Trump at his finest, and in hilarious fashion, following the incident, Jim’s press pass was suspended. CNN and MSM still don’t understand Trump’s appeal... Continue Reading →


2020 – THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION EVER!!!! | Plausibly Live

I swear that I am not making this up… the LA Times has an article this morning about how the 2020 Election will be so critical, that California is changing its Primary date (again) so as to be “relevant.” Sigh. So the fallout from last night begins. People are happy, people are sad. People are... Continue Reading →


Following the 2018 Midterm elections, there’s a bit of aftermath to deal with. With the House in Democrat control, and with Nancy Pelosi likely to regain her role as Speaker, where does this leave Congress and its relationship with President Trump? http://media.blubrry.com/preusspodcast/s/PreussPodcast.com/Podcasts/Episode526.mp3 DOWNLOAD MP3 PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW’S SPONSORS! Detox Organics – Save 15% with... Continue Reading →

INVASION! | Plausibly Live

By my unofficial count, yesterday found the word “invasion” being batted about by virtually every Chat Show host in the country and the President during his remarks on the Immigration Crises. With apologies to John, in no way, shape or form does this surprise me. It actually hit me during the break yesterday, but I never... Continue Reading →

Silence Will Not Protect You | Plausibly Live

Halloween was an enormous success. Normally it would be Constitution Thursday, we spent all of Monday discussing the President’s threat(?) to end Birthright Citizenship via Executive Order. There continue to be arguments and Social Media posts, and they will continue long after this has been forgotten as yet another unfulfilled political promise. Let me be clear... Continue Reading →

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