Capitalism is under assault from the people who know the least about it. The same system that has lifted billions of people out of poverty is being criticized as if there is some other viable economic system that could have better results.AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and other far left socialists are all pushing central planning, in... Continue Reading →


The Worst

James Buchanan holds the generally accepted position as the worst President in the history of the United States. At least until historians start writing news lists in a few years. No doubt then he will move up a position. Of course, it's possible that he will move up much further, but that will depend upon... Continue Reading →

The 1st Pillar of Liberty

In Maryland, a high school Student objects to an assignment on the basic tenants of Islam. Her father claims that the School is violating the 1st Amendment, specifically in that it is forcing his daughter to profess Islam by learning about the Shahada, the 1st Pillar of the Islamic faith. The Father tells his daughter... Continue Reading →

The Devil Is a Good Communist

  Sixty-six years ago, a man died. "Big deal," you say. Lots of people died this day sixty-six years ago. In fact, thousands of people died that day. But only one death inspired both sheer terror and great rejoicing. And it started an entire industry of undoing what he had spent his seventy-four years doing.... Continue Reading →

Another Application of Dave’s 3rd Law

  The moral outrage over pretty much anything these days is completely phony. In fact, like most things, we don't really even understand why it exists. Seriously, pretty much everybody knows it's fake. We condemn it as fake and we make statements that we should just stop it. Of course, we don't mean "we" as... Continue Reading →

CT – Double Trouble

  The prohibition on double jeopardy extends back in human history at least the Roman era. It's covered in Greek law, the Talmud and of course, English Common Law. In the United States, the concept of dual sovereignty has been the guiding rule since 1847. The general idea is that the Federal government and the... Continue Reading →

Air-Independent Propulsion

  A very unprepared Dave, who has spent most of the last few hours trying to get a company to give a W-2 to his daughter, discovers that Pakistan has an AIP submarine that is capable of launching anti-ship Cruise Missiles

Atomic Chicken

  As most Americans drive themselves into a tizzy over a morally bankrupt lawyer "testifying" to a group of ethically challenged attention whores, most of the rest of the world is a bit more concerned about two nuclear-armed countries shooting at each other over a disputed region and the behavior of a bunch of PLRI... Continue Reading →

Means and Ends

!CONTENT WARNING! This show contains a frank and detailed discussion of adult materials, situations, language and possibly humor. If you are potentially offended by such discussions DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE If you do listen and are offended, it is YOUR fault, as you have been properly and appropriately warned.   It is a... Continue Reading →

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