Veterans Day #99


As a Veteran, I love Veterans Day, but… I refer it’s original incarnation, Armistice Day. In my view, it’s possible to celebrate Veterans, but not forget the real reason that November 11th is remembered by every Allied nation in the World. It’s why the VFW hands out poppies. It’s why we pause at 11am. And for those of us who served at any point in our nations history, it’s a reminder of how fragile things really are; to appreciate them each and every day.

On the 11th of November, 1918, the Armistice, which had been signed at 5am, was set to go into effect at 11am. World War I, at least the fighting part of it, was six hours from its end. But for reasons only he knew, Marshal Foch of France, the Supreme Allied Commander, refused a German request to have the fighting stopped immediately. He stuck to the 11am hour as the time, and so over the next six hours, 11,000 more men were killed and wounded. All unnecessary, in an unnecessary war, fought for unnecessary reasons that have left us fighting many of the same conflicts a century later. Continue reading

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But… But… RUSSIA!!!!

SEGMENT – BUT… BUT… RUSSIA!!!!!! (00:00)

For pretty much most of my life, certainly the first thirty years of it, the Soviets, er, Russians, were the Evil Empire. In Kindergarten I did Duck and Cover drills at Ashley Elementary School in Denver. As a boy I listened to my Dad explain to me that Barry Goldwater would have defeated the Russians. As a teenager I watched the Soviets invade Afghanistan. In Junior High I was appalled when Ford announced that the Poles did not consider themselves dominated by the Soviets. In High School I listened as Reagan declared the Soviets “The Evil Empire.” And then I went to sea, putting my own right index finger on “the button” of nuclear deterrence.

Get what I’m saying? I’m the hawk here. I hated the Soviets from the day was was born. I’m the guy who would – all over again – go back to sea to wait for the law to be signed outlawing Russia, followed by the command to bomb them back to the Stone Age in five minutes. Continue reading

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Intended Unintended Messages


In Alexandria, VA, Christ Church was once the where George Washington himself worshiped. Today the Church still stands and has a plaque marking the pew where Washington and his family once sat to hear sermons about G-d’s love and mercy.

This week, the church has – more than two centuries after Washington’s death – decided to remove the plaque, as the church says that the plaque “makes some feel unsafe or unwelcome” in the church. The church says that it believes that some visitors get “an unintended message” from the plaques located throughout the church. Of course, there is both outrage and even mockery.

But the real problem here is that the church is making the worst mistake that anyone can make when looking at history, and getting exactly what they intended to get… Continue reading

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Like Tears in the Rain

The Boys are back together and talking about one of their favorite things – Science fiction!

Justin Timberlake is back as the Super Bowl halftime show. Given what happened last time he showed up, and the way it effected Dave & John’s daily business, they have some concerns about the whole thing. Plus, if Christopher Walken isn’t part of the show, it will absolutely suck.

Top 5 Science Fiction Films are the sujet du jure, and believe me, Dave & John have some strong ideas about what makes their favorite films worthy of inclusion.

Now, there are some caveats. First, Demolition Man is the de facto Numéro Un. It is THE Official Film of Afternoons Live with Dave & John, and if you haven’t seen it, you can’t really be a total fan until you have. So you  skip to the next five in order. Also, John is presumed to have Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back is the go to film. 

So other than those, Dave & John will give you their Top 5 Sci-Fi Films and hope that the future of science fiction doesn’t disappear, like tears in the rain…

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Harvey, Bowe and Roy

Editors Notes: This was not an easy show to record. Dave was both eager to talk about these things and at the same time, reticent (for reasons you will hear) to do so. We apologize for it being late, but now you understand why.


Harvey Weinstein’s recent outing as a predatory sexual criminal has some odd effects on the nation and society as a whole. first of all, are we really that shocked to discover this? The truth is it was so well known an occurrence that it became a trope used in movies, books and TV for decades. Even some of our favorite films make reference to it. Moreover, is the outrage expressed by Hollywood itself really believable? Maybe, maybe not. But in any case, the destruction which is caused by this behavior is more than can measured by a simple #hashtag or a newspaper article. Do you really understand how damaging to the victims this is? Do you understand how it effects their lives permanently? How it changes the lives who love and care for the victims? Why do the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world – not just Hollywood – get to decide to destroy lives with impunity? And what – if anything – can we or should we do about it. Because at the end of the day, while Hollywood knew about it and chose to live with it, we knew about it too…

As I have said before,  I personally have never been a victim of sexual abuse or harassment. But… I personally know far too many people who have been. In the early 1990’s I attended a Seminary that was smack dab in the Red Light district of Atlanta, with an up close view and conversations that still haunt me. My first marriage was a quagmire of confusion and misunderstanding because of her past history of being abused.

As we see story after story of abuse and misbehavior, we are forced to ask whether or not this is simply a matter of telling men to stop, or is there something deeper at which we need to be looking? Is it really as simple as a hashtag?

The destruction caused is massive. The collateral damage effects far more people than will admit to it, and that is just one of the reasons why this problem defies any level of understanding or ability to solve with simple solutions.


Sgt (for the moment) Bowe Bergdahl complained this week that “at least the Taliban was honest” about how they treated him, implying, in fact claiming, that the Army had dealt with him unfairly.

Look, I am well on record as to what I think of Bowe Bergdahl and the trade that brought him into the Army’s hands. Now am I really supposed to give a rodents rear end about his error in thinking that the Army has treated him “unfairly” compared to the damn Taliban?

Alabama GOP Senator nominee Judge Roy Moore made some noise recently when he claimed that US Law ‘requires” people to stand for the flag and the National Anthem. The fact is that it does not, but that won’t matter to those who support him or oppose the Anthem protests. But it does raise a bigger question or two. The players say that they are “not” protesting the Flag, and I have no idea then what exactly it is that they are protesting. But, I dismiss the idea that they are not being offensive.

Why? Because whether or not I “support” the Flag or Police or the National Anthem or anything else literally has nothing to do with why I stand for the moment.

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New Zealand Mania

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the Scotsman and listener Dan break open some New Zealand beers. I think the amazement in their voices will show you what they think of these fantastic, but hard to find beers.

Interspersed between these amazing beers, listener Dan will tell several stories from his vacation to Australia and New Zealand. The Scotsman will talk briefly about some New Zealand and Australian hop varieties.

Finally they discuss some exciting news from a local Brewery.

You won’t want to miss this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show!

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The Maxim of Understanding

For the first time in two decades I am watching from afar as California burns. This year has been particularly bad and it breaks my heart…


Last Sunday morning, a story was released by CBS Sports and quickly went viral which reported that Colin Kaepernick had decided that if he were to play in the NFL again, he would stand for the National Anthem. Reaction was about what you would have expected it to be, from outrage to sarcasm.

The problem is – as we learned a few hours later – the story was completely fake. Well… that’s a misnomer. It wasn’t completely fake. CSB Sports DID report the story. It was from a reputable reporting source and it had the logo and gravitas of CBS behind it. The problem was the reporter himself, simply made it up.

But…. why did the story get believed in the first place? Two reasons. First, confirmation biases were working on overdrive. This was what many people wanted to hear him say. Second, nobody was applying the Adams Rule…

Recently, two events made the news for all the wrong reasons. A gay Coffee Shoppe owner “threw out” some “Christians” and refused to provide them services. Then, Vice President Pence “walked out” of the Indianapolis Colts game. Now, one could, and Rush Limbaugh did, argue that turnabout is fair play. That doing this is just giving the left a dose of its own medicine. It might be and it might make us laugh and feel good. but does it actually demonstrate what we say we say we believe?


I have said, and I will continue to say that under the current political climate, the State of Jefferson is a non-starter. It won’t happen; and those who continue to say that because it has happened in the past that this is a done deal are being intentionally misleading as well as Constitutionally illiterate.

Having said that (again), what if there was a way to make the State of Jefferson politically neutral? And might Hurricane Maria caused a scenario in which the State of Jefferson could be admitted as State?


We’ve seen various reactions to the attack in Las Vegas, many of which once again, blur the line of the 1st Amendment. At least two business owners have gotten into hot water over their comments about the dead, along with the CBS (wait a sec…) News Executive who used Twitter to destroy her career.

Odder still are the AHT’s making the rounds, which once again prove the Adams Rule is in effect, but also add the Maxim of Understanding. That is, Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t make it impossible…


Dave is enjoying the baseball playoffs and really, really hoping for a special World Series…

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