US Military To Combat “Fake News…”

How about NO!!!!! Apparently, DARPA is going to be creating AI to look for, identify, and assess the INTENT of what IT considers "Fake News"



In 1835 the US Government managed to negotiate a treaty with the Cherokee Tribe that replaced the previous treaty that was supposed to be in perpetuity. This time, the Cherokee “agreed” to leave their ancestral lands in exchange for a lot of money and never come back. There were, of course, some issues with the... Continue Reading →

The Opioids

The great state of Oklahoma has declared that an advertising campaign that touted the use of opioid painkillers was a public nuisance and that it created the opioid crises. The ruling seems unlike to withstand review, mainly because of all the cans of worms it opens up.

The 16th 21st Century

  As much as I (along with Ben) enjoyed the Neil deGrasse Tyson version of Cosmos, the original version still stands the test of time and holds my fascination. In the early 1980's I consumed the book while underwater aboard USS Michigan. In an era before easily available videotapes, I tried desperately to catch reruns... Continue Reading →


On December 19, 2016, the State Electors of Colorado met to cast their electoral votes for the Offices of President and Vice President of the United States, in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of Colorado. That is pretty much where the story should have ended. But... Continue Reading →


So let’s get right to it… the President says that any Jew who votes Democrat is “disloyal” or misinformed. Jewish leaders are outraged. Based on my inbox, many of you are in agreement with the President. So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Frames of Reference

  In the middle of the 3rd take today, a great miracle happened there! After rearranging the office and moving the desk, we sit down to talk about the idea that different people have different frames of reference. In reality, this is why people have different ideas of how to get where we all say... Continue Reading →

Literally, Hitler

  For several years now, I have followed a Page which follows the day-by-day events of World War II. Believe me, it is fascinating and it has been a learning experience. A couple of years back though, the writer of the page expanded to a new page - World War II 85 Years Ago, which... Continue Reading →

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