Ep 452 – The Strzok Hearing

Thursday saw Congress publicly interview Peter Strzok, who has been at the heart of the controversies over Hillary Clinton’s emails, and Trump’s collusion with Russia. The hearing featured members of both parties battling it out, with Republicans attacking Strzok, and Democrats defending him. It was an entertaining episode in political history, but it also set... Continue Reading →



"The FBI was founded out of a government desire for more power. Its purpose is to give the Federal Government a police force. So why would the government, which spies on us, lies to us, steals from us and ignores us, have a police force that serves us?" The DOJ has indicted another 12 Russian... Continue Reading →

Ep 451 – NATO is Pointless

Donald Trump is meeting with the other member nations of NATO, urging them to better fund the organization. What has not been questioned is why NATO is needed in modern times. It was originally created following WWII to defend against invading communists from the Soviet Union. However, since then, the USSR has collapsed, yet the... Continue Reading →

Cold Waters

"You know who else believed that "National Security" trumps individual rights? King George..." I wish that I could tell you that I am 100% ready for the day... but I am not. Why not? That dang Soviet Alfa kept outrunning my Mk48 torpedoes. They're fast little buggers... Let's take a closer look at some of the... Continue Reading →

Ep 450 – Federal Mafia

Whether it is Obama’s government or Trump’s government, we need to recognize who our enemy truly is: The Federal Mafia. Donald Trump, by imposing tariffs on China (and much of the rest of the world, for that matter) has circumvented the Constitution, gone around Congress, and imposed tax increases on the American people, and most... Continue Reading →

There’s Truth, But No Logic

We are losing our collective mind. Three Hundred and Twenty Million of us are standing around and asking, "What the (obscenity deleted) is going on here?" A thousand people in the streets! They're singing songs and they're carrying signs, mostly say "Hurray for our side!" Look at the goings on around you. Starbucks is going... Continue Reading →

Ep 449 – Brett Kavanaugh

Now that Donald Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, both the left and right are missing the ball. Kavanaugh is neither the next Scalia nor is he the worst thing to happen to democracy. What is more aggravating than anything isn’t the people protesting, but the politicians who fear monger and openly... Continue Reading →

Johnny Bench

PRODUCERS NOTE: We could spend a whole lot of time speculating about the SCOTUS pick by President Trump, but since this show is listened to by many people who are operating in "ketchup later" mode, it doesn't make much sense to do so. We'll wait until tomorrow when we actually have the pick in hand. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Ep 448 – Clinton 2020?

Is Clinton 2020 a real thing? Some “experts” are suggesting that not only is it a possibility, but that Hillary is quietly positioning herself to not only run, but beat all other Democrats for the nomination and then take on the Donald once again. While she does has some things going for her, such as... Continue Reading →

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