Truth From a Well

  Let's say that Person A says that he or she thinks that something is so. Let us also accept that Person B disagrees with what Person A says. Once upon a time, there would be a discussion, some reasoning, some logic, some research and maybe even a snarky comment or two. Ultimately though, for... Continue Reading →


The Best Feeling In The World

It was a wonderful vacation. I finally got to Crescent City and Ft Bragg. I caught four innings of a Stockton Ports game and spent some great time with my folks. I also turned off all of my news apps. Well... until one story snuck through...

An Appalling Spectacle

When it comes to the concept of Executive Privilege, we tend to think of more modern Presidents who are perhaps in trouble (Nixon/Clinton) or just in a tiff with Congress (Obama/Bush). In fact, the whole concept goes back much further, when the first real populist President refused to hand over to Congress a letter he... Continue Reading →

On The Verge of Eternity

After a long public debate in the media, the delegates for New York have arrived in Poughkeepsie to decided if New York will ratify the Constitution. While there is a STRONG Anti-Federalist contingent in the State, there is something else going on. Governor George Clinton is the leading opponent of ratification but even he is... Continue Reading →

Getting Some Mammoth

I'm sorry. There will be no discussion here of the "Topic A" story that everybody is melting down over. It's not that I don't have an opinion about it, but I pretty well said everything that I believe can be said about it yesterday. No doubt there will be a return to it, necessitated by... Continue Reading →

This Changes Everything! Or Not…

Once again, the grand pronouncements have proven to be as empty as a weather report promising rain which could have washed away my arch-nemesis, the Atomic Pollen. I've said this so many times that it's going stale. I said it during the 2016 Campaign when people posted "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING" articles and memes from borderline... Continue Reading →

Take Care

Benjamin Harrison barely registers a twitch on the needle of "Famous Presidents." He wasn't a particularly successful President, even though he had a Party Majority in both Houses of Congress. Somehow or another, things just... didn't get done. There were however at least two things that should make him more appreciated. First, he was the... Continue Reading →

One Nation Under a Groove

By June of 1788, ten States have ratified the proposed Constitution. While the technicalities of Article IX have been met, most people understand that the reality is that for the Union to survive, it must be unanimous. Or at least everybody except Rhode Island, which we will deal with separately. New York is next up... Continue Reading →


Do you know why I don't worry about Global warming or volcanoes or recycling? Because we are all going to die. Evolution is as certain as a sunrise (for the next few billion years, anyway). Nobody gets out alive and humanity will come to an end someday, regardless of how many taxes we raise or... Continue Reading →

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