HAPPY HOLODAYS! Live from the Pacific Northwest, where Dave lives and John is visiting to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the boys are back and sitting down together literally minutes after John saw the film. After a long discussion of travel, train wrecks, the RMS TiTanic and turkey, they will spoil the daylights out... Continue Reading →


Like Tears in the Rain

The Boys are back together and talking about one of their favorite things - Science fiction! Justin Timberlake is back as the Super Bowl halftime show. Given what happened last time he showed up, and the way it effected Dave & John's daily business, they have some concerns about the whole thing. Plus, if Christopher... Continue Reading →

Singh, Concordia! Singh!

On this classic Dave & John, in early April of 2013, there came news that a musical production based on two things, the sinking of the Costa Concordia and Gilligan's Island, was in the works. But this would be no ordinary musical! Meanwhile, AJ mockery and a caller who gets on John's bad side lead... Continue Reading →

When It Comes to Bacon

Please, nobody panic. But the country may be coming to an end. There is a shortage of delicious bacon and we all know what that means. Or, maybe there isn't a shortage of bacon and it's just a fake news story. Either way, panic, anger and protesting is not really the best way to handle... Continue Reading →

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