Russia, Russia, Russia

Russia, Russia, Russia! Today J was discussing the indictment of Russian nationals and companies. J read from the Department of Justice press release and the Federal Election Commission website. Below will be the links that J read from. He also goes into why this is important but not the most important part of this topic,... Continue Reading →



J’s new segment is “This Week In US Politics”, a tip of the cap to the baseball highlight show This Week In Baseball, or TWIB. In this initial installment J discusses the school shooting in Parkland, Fl and the news about the 13 indictments of Russian National and the 3 companies.

Net Neutrality

In this show J talks about the pros and cons of Net Neutrality. Who is right and who is wrong? Is there a right side and wrong side? What do you think, who is right or wrong?   Sources

Update on J

(0:00) J gives an update on what has been going on in his life and his reflection on how to organize his show from here on out. J also hints at a potential future show on YouTube early 2018. (8:51) J talks about ARA San Juan and his thoughts on this time as a submariner... Continue Reading →


In this episode J talks about his experience in the Navy as a person that navigated through restricted waterways. He will explain why navigating is dangerous in the simplest of times and harrowing in the worst of times. J also explains about navigation in detail.  

The Gorsuch Hearings

J is discussing the Senate Judiciary Hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch. Why the Democrats are asking the questions that they are asking. What it appears to J that Judge Gorsuch is trying to convey in his answers. Also J asks should a Supreme Court Justice should follow the Law, personal ideology, or a combination of... Continue Reading →

The American Healthcare Act

J discusses the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) Cost Estimate. While the CBO is not the be all end all of resolution and bill effects, they perform a critical analytical assessment of the potential bills up in Congress. For this resolution, J discusses the effects on the Federal Budget, Health Insurance Coverage, and Premiums. This is... Continue Reading →

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