The Rediscovered Country

In the midst of all the hullaballoo over Mueller, Easter Worshipper Bombings, Game of Thrones, Earth Day, politicians financial records, Justin Bieber, Student Debt plans, Rudy Guliani, one of the worst things you can imagine happened. Yes, somebody who almost 99% of Americans have no idea was; who died in 1986 after a career that... Continue Reading →



WARNING: Adult Language Show - if you are offended by bad words, DO NOT listen to this episode of The Dave Bowman Show So... fair warning. There is a great deal of adult (read that as "sailor") language in this episode. I mean, it's not gratuitous or anything, it's just necessary to illustrate a point... Continue Reading →

Vie, Mort et Résurrection

The tragic fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris yesterday has caught the entire worlds attention. While I am not Roman Catholic or even Christian, I know what the building represents - nearly 800 years of human history. Years ago (1997) I was privileged to go to Westminster Abbey. To say that it was... Continue Reading →

Big Hat, No Cattle

Over the last seven years, I haven't had much to say about Julian Assange. There's a reason for that. Mainly because he was never what either side as portraying him. He is neither an evil genius supervillain enemy of the State nor is he a 1st Amendment Hero of the Free Press. Look, I get... Continue Reading →

Who Is In Charge Here?

Vice President Martin Van Buren believed the principle of non-interference by the government which he had shared with his President, Andrew Jackson. when he became Jackson's hand-picked successor as President in 1837, he made it VERY clear that he had no intention of of using his executive authority to put the government in places he... Continue Reading →

Timothy Bloodworth

As Virginia and New York debate and ratify, North Carolina's delegates gather in Hillsborough to decide the fate of the ratification in North Carolina. The Delegates were elected back in March at the direction of the State Legislature, and the Federalists are badly (2:1) outnumbered. They know that they will most likely lose. The Anti-Federalists... Continue Reading →

Was It Worth It?

Mark Zuckerberg has made it clear that he does not understand the 1st Amendment. Or what "political speech" actually is. Now, within the context of his creation, Facebook, he is free to promote or suppress speech as he sees fit. The problem is that he doesn't want to do it. I mean, he does want to... Continue Reading →

Truth From a Well

  Let's say that Person A says that he or she thinks that something is so. Let us also accept that Person B disagrees with what Person A says. Once upon a time, there would be a discussion, some reasoning, some logic, some research and maybe even a snarky comment or two. Ultimately though, for... Continue Reading →

The Best Feeling In The World

It was a wonderful vacation. I finally got to Crescent City and Ft Bragg. I caught four innings of a Stockton Ports game and spent some great time with my folks. I also turned off all of my news apps. Well... until one story snuck through...

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