Play The Man, Not The Ball | Plausibly Live

Source: Play The Man, Not The Ball | Plausibly Live There is a reason why Soccer, or as the rest of the world labels it, futbol, has never really caught fire here in the States. Look, I follow EFL futbol (frankly, MLS isn’t even on the radar of acceptable soccer in the world). It’s not that the game... Continue Reading →


INVASION! | Plausibly Live

By my unofficial count, yesterday found the word “invasion” being batted about by virtually every Chat Show host in the country and the President during his remarks on the Immigration Crises. With apologies to John, in no way, shape or form does this surprise me. It actually hit me during the break yesterday, but I never... Continue Reading →

Silence Will Not Protect You | Plausibly Live

Halloween was an enormous success. Normally it would be Constitution Thursday, we spent all of Monday discussing the President’s threat(?) to end Birthright Citizenship via Executive Order. There continue to be arguments and Social Media posts, and they will continue long after this has been forgotten as yet another unfulfilled political promise. Let me be clear... Continue Reading →

Jus Soli | Plausibly Live

The President has informed us that he is “considering” an Executive Order to end “Birthright Citizenship” in the United States. Whether you believe that to be wrong or right says more about you and your politics than it does anything else. The truth is that there is significant debate as to whether or not it... Continue Reading →

Hate, History and Hope | Plausibly Live

I am a different person than I was on Shabbat morning. Hours of reflection, consideration, meditation, and contemplation lead to a different person. We see the results of the hatred, but do we really see the hatred itself? Do we understand its history? Do we still have hope? Three-quarters of a century ago, hundreds of... Continue Reading →

Spammers, Spies & Soda | Plausibly Live

More “bombs,” more questions… The recent reports of the Facebook “hack” seemed to alarm people. For about an hour. It should alarm you still, not because it was a “hack,” it wasn’t. It turns out that there was hardly any effort at all. Mostly because we are stupid. Is my own Social Media use affecting... Continue Reading →

Mail Bombs | Plausibly Live

The entire prepped show goes out the window as numerous reports of Mail Bombs have come in. bombs were received at the CNN Offices in New York City. Also, both the Clintons and the Obama’s received them at their private residences. There are further reports of mail bombs arriving in San Diego and in Florida.... Continue Reading →

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