Ep 497 – Demand Evidence!

Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing a brutal smear job by Democrats, but he has at least one thing on his side – there is no evidence of him doing anything wrong with Christine Blasey Ford. When we’re dealing with judging someone, either in a courtroom or in the public sphere, we must remember to look for... Continue Reading →


Kavanaugh… Again

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to keep Brett Kavanaugh from being confirmed to be on the Supreme Court. Instead of questioning his judicial philosophy, politicians are conveniently revealing an accusation of a sexual assault committed by the nominee… when he was in high school. Despite knowing of the story since July, Dianne Feinstein... Continue Reading →

Universal Basic Income

Universal basic income is an idea that is becoming increasingly popular, but its recent rise is not evidence of the fact that is has been tried before. The goal of UBI is to lift people out of poverty, yet in every poor country where it has been implemented, it has not resulted in greater standards... Continue Reading →

Flint, Unions, Democrats & Moore

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore recently sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes in Flint Michigan to discuss Donald Trump, the rise of the middle class, and the importance of electing socialist Democrats to office. Moore incorrectly attributes the rise of the middle class out of the 1930s with the coming prominence of unions. He then skips... Continue Reading →

State Sponsors of Terrorism

We’ve been told by nearly every big-name news personality that Iran is at the top of the list of state sponsors of terrorism, but who exactly made the list, and how a state gets on the list is never explained. The truth is that only four nations, out of 195+, are even listed. Wikileaks revealed... Continue Reading →

Ep 492 – Defending Amazon

Amazon is coming under fire not just from Bernie Sanders, but also from conservatives who point to the hypocrisy of owner Jeff Bezos advocating socialist public policy, yet apparently treating and paying his workers so poorly. However, does the online giant actually pay poor wages? If so, then why are over 500,000 people working at their fulfillment... Continue Reading →

Ep 491 – Alex Jones Is NOT a Libertarian

After being kicked off of virtually all social media, Alex Jones has taken his controversial content straight to Washington, attempting to make a greater name for himself by being a free speech martyr as well as a thorn in the side of Florida Senator Marco Rubio. However, Jones’ message is one of more regulation, which NO libertarian... Continue Reading →

Ep 490 – No Name

GoDaddy has been pushing the podcast’s tolerances for quite a while, so in order to make things quick – here goes – SCOTUS is a joke, MSM isn’t covering anything important, but Tim Preuss is…. as usual…   PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW’S SPONSORS! Detox Organics – Save 15% with code “PREUSS” M-Fit – Save 15%... Continue Reading →

Ep 489 – Kavanaugh: Day 2

On Wednesday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh underwent the second day of his confirmation hearing, which featured California Senator Kamala Harris “grilling” him on such issues as voter ID laws, and Roe v Wade. Regardless of what problems libertarians may have with the nominee, he performed exceptionally well and kept his cool throughout the hearing, which unfortunately... Continue Reading →

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