Spanking The Hippo

Recently the Experts have been complaining that the American People don't believe them. Why would that be? PRODUCERS NOTE: I have no idea what the hell happened here. Dave was supposed to be talking about this whole Experts Not Being believed topic, and somehow that turned into Spanking the Hippo about Gays, Jews, Trump being... Continue Reading →


Ep 474 – Pork Barrel Pentagon

The Pentagon just got a big boost from President Trump – a $716 billion boost! Too many “conservatives” give a stamp of approval to the DOD because they see military spending as a good role for government. They fail to recognize that the DOD is just like any other federal bureaucracy; it is filled with... Continue Reading →

It’s At The End Of The Hallway

So... first off a couple of housekeeping things. I will only be here for the show today and tomorrow (Tuesday). On Wednesday, Ben and I are headed out for a "Guys" day in Oregon with my Brotherin and his son. We'll be home very late that night, so probably not conducive to doing a Thursday... Continue Reading →

Ep 473 – Saudi Puppets

The schlubs in Washington remain silent as their coalition in the middle east slaughters children, virtually admitting they’re nothing more than Saudi Puppets. Saudi Arabia is pulling money out of Canada after they dared condemn the political prisoners taken by the corrupt government. The Canadian dollar begins to crash… No western nation has the guts... Continue Reading →

A Government Of 8 Year Olds

It was a great getaway for us. We saw pretty much the entire Puget Sound, had a ghostly experience and had some really good food. But I'm back at it for the Friday show! On the way up north, I got a call from my Doctors office, and it appears that I was being overly... Continue Reading →

Ep 472 – FRIDAY SPECIAL: Public Enemy #1

A Friday Special again, this time addressing who or what is America’s #1 public enemy. No, we’re not talking about the FBI’s most wanted list, but rather something happening in our society that is a threat to everything we hold dear. Regardless of what you’re hearing from almost everyone in media today, the biggest threat... Continue Reading →

Ep 471 – Wildfires and the Free Market

The free market has something to say about wildfires. Even though wildfires occur in nature on their own, humans now live in areas that need oversight so our homes don’t go up in flames. Unfortunately, it is the government who manages that land, not private landowners, which leads it to be especially prone to wildfires.... Continue Reading →

Enemies Of The State

A new Poll shows that some 43% of self-identified Republicans believe that “the president should have the authority to close news outlets engaged in bad behavior.” how you react to that poll says more about your political views than it does the actual poll. The reactions to the news are as predictable as a sunrise,... Continue Reading →

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