OPLAN 8010-12 | Plausibly Live

It’s no big secret that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. I will say that the behavior of those who HATE him has done more to enamor him to me than to make me less of a fan. Be that as it may, … Source: OPLAN 8010-12 | Plausibly Live


Bork Flight Now Boarding | Plausibly Live

As we sit on tenterhooks and await with baited breath and every other cliché for the metaphorical Borking of Kavanaugh to draw to its merciful close, we notice that other things are happening in th… Source: Bork Flight Now Boarding | Plausibly Live

I Have Questions | Plausibly Live

The 55th Birthday was quite the adventure, so was the day after! Between work and Ben, it derailed everything pretty quickly, although I am now able to sit down and record. There are going to be so… Source: I Have Questions | Plausibly Live

The Triumph Return

In this long-awaited episode of the Ale Evangelist show, Rodbo, Ale Evangelist Dan, and the Scotsman drink the Lagunitas SuperCluster, as well as Horsefly Brewing Company’s Coconut Porter. They talk of life, work, Dan’s roving's, as well as they discuss the present and future state of the Ale Evangelist Show. It’s a smattering of beer-related... Continue Reading →

National Cheeseburger Day

It's National Cheeseburger Day. Which is convenient since we have to confess our sins at sundown... The War in Syria is lost. There is nothing short of sending the 1 Marine Division backed up by the 6th Fleet and USAF that would even start to "help" our "Allies" win. So what happens when a Russian... Continue Reading →

Ep 497 – Demand Evidence!

Brett Kavanaugh is undergoing a brutal smear job by Democrats, but he has at least one thing on his side – there is no evidence of him doing anything wrong with Christine Blasey Ford. When we’re dealing with judging someone, either in a courtroom or in the public sphere, we must remember to look for... Continue Reading →

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