Straight No Chaser S1E1

For the pilot episode of Straight No Chaser, Tim Preuss tours Las Vegas with cameraman Don Temples. They capture plenty of excitement, a few humbling moments, and hopefully give you the glimpse into the future of this series. See much more on future episodes of "Straight No Chaser" summer 2019! Don't forget to subscribe and... Continue Reading →


The Works of Creation

One of the things that I have always been very angry about is that when you are a political Conservative, you are automatically labeled as anti-environment. As if Conservatives actually want, crave even, the wanton destruction of the Earth and its critters. We don't, of course. But hey, why let reality get in the way... Continue Reading →

Revolutionary Revisionism

A recent article from a borderline News site suggested that we would be 'better off" if there had never been an American Revolution. Of course, the basic premise of his arguments violate Dave's Rule Number One about history: you cannot impose your cultural values and behavior on another generation. To do so will always be... Continue Reading →

Wilkes 45

Recently, a sitting member of Congress informed us that she was pretty upset about the people who are "making fun" of Congress members. She went on to say that she was demanding that those who dared mock her and other Congressweasels were to be hunted down by large dogs and bitten unless they stop it... Continue Reading →

The Free Exercise Thereof

The State of California once tried to pass a law limiting what a person could say about certain social issues. That law ended up going nowhere, but now, the state Legislature is debating ACR-99, a concurrent resolution which supposedly encourages religious leaders to address LGBT issues "from love" instead of any given religious belief. Now,... Continue Reading →


It's no big surprise to anybody who has been around the show for more than a week that I despise people like AJ, and even to a lesser degree Hannity. The reason is simple - they are not about thinking, they are about shocking people and confusing them into believing nonsense. Like AJ, the Hal... Continue Reading →

Independence Day

I love Independence Day. It is hands down, my favorite secular holiday. With all the history and the deep meaning of a great number of things which resulted in this day two-hundred and forty-three years ago, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the simplicity of it. At the same time, to also understand that... Continue Reading →

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