The Occasioning of Two Mobs

NOTE: Yes, there is an audio issue in the introduction. It goes away at the end of the intro. Sorry, Dave refused to wear headphones tonight... - Producer Henri. In a world where people still believe that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a real thing, where SNOPES "fact checks" the Babylon Bee,... Continue Reading →



Tim Preuss takes on the "Green New Deal" in this episode. If the first New Deal wasn't bad enough, the new Green version is even more of a nightmare. The real goal of environmentalists and global warming alarmists isn't to "combat climate change", but rather to hoist themselves on pedestals as saviors of the Earth.... Continue Reading →

The Greatest National Emergency Ever

  The President has declared his National Emergency. The Speaker of the House has announced her intentions and things she is "considering" in response. There are plenty of "i's" to dot and "t's" yet to be crossed. We already know that the Democrat's in Congress will Judge shop to find an agreeable Bench to issue... Continue Reading →

The Freedom of Association

DOWNLOAD MP3 The City of Los Angeles passed an ordinance that requires all contractors to "disclose" all of their contacts and sponsorships (whatever that means) with the National Rifle Association. In Delaware, a man wants to apply to be a Judge on the State Bench. But, Delaware has a law that says that he is... Continue Reading →

Day Four

DOWNLOAD MP3     It's Day 4 of Snowmageddon 2019. Schools are closed. Banks are closed. McDonald's is closed. Starbucks is open. It's full of beautiful scenes and long ago memories of my misbegotten youth.  But it's Day 4... and I am ready for this to be over... One of the things about being cooped... Continue Reading →

PODCAST: Ep 528 – Welcome Back! | PREUSSPODCAST.COM Source: PODCAST: Ep 528 - Welcome Back! | PREUSSPODCAST.COM Tim Preuss makes his return to podcasting by first addressing the arrest of long-time Donald Trump advocate Roger Stone. Regardless of Stone’s own politics, the events that unfolded bring unnerving truths to light. The FBI is tipping off news agencies in order to put on... Continue Reading →

Snowmageddon 2019

Download MP3   And so it begins... Snowmageddon 2019, the Storm of the Century is upon us here in the PACNORWEST! Major League Baseball has announced a change in nomenclature. Traditional words are now verboten, as it is believed that I am too much of a snowflake to handle the traditional verbiage.  The DAV (Disabled... Continue Reading →

A Contemporary Frosty Enmity

Download MP3   Under no circumstances will I discuss anything that I might directly know about what I believe to be CLASSIFIED information. That said, there are a great number of open sources of information from which we can draw inferences if not outright facts. So when it comes to the INF Treaty and the... Continue Reading →

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