New Zealand Mania

On this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the Scotsman and listener Dan break open some New Zealand beers. I think the amazement in their voices will show you what they think of these fantastic, but hard to find beers.

Interspersed between these amazing beers, listener Dan will tell several stories from his vacation to Australia and New Zealand. The Scotsman will talk briefly about some New Zealand and Australian hop varieties.

Finally they discuss some exciting news from a local Brewery.

You won’t want to miss this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show!

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Old Dogs of Brewing

On this short episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, the Scotsman flies the show alone and tries the Sentry IPA from New Glory Brewing Company. They bill this bad boy as a West Coast IPA, so the Scotsman talks about the American IPA style and discusses whether or not this beer is classified correctly.

In addition, the Scotsman covers an article from BeerAdvocate magazine written by Andy Crouch about how the Old Dogs of Brewing are relying on some New Tricks.  Is it worth it? Will it save Craft Beer? Is craft beer really worth saving if it means the inclusion of these adulterated adult beverages?

Finally on a more concerning note, the Scotsman makes a heartfelt plea for prayer for the Rodbo family. Details are in this show.

Don’t miss this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show.

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One Man Can Change the World

SEGMENT – American Ignorance

As it turns out, Americans – many of whom continue to call for things like eliminating Free Speech and abolishing the electoral College, have almost no idea why those things exist in the first place. But before you jump to the standard Chat Show Host outrage conclusion, consider this – why would they? Think about this for a second: how much time did you personally spend when you made your last big ticket purchase, thinking about the pros and cons of that spending? Now… how did that compare with how much time you actually spend thinking about your voting choices?

Given how candidates and issues are presented to us, why would we spend time on civics or learning about the “why’s” of our system? Seriously, what incentive is there for this “average” American Citizen to not just know these things, but to even care?


SEGMENT – The Russian Facebook ROI

“Russia,” as some sort of homogenous unit, bought $155,000 in Facebook ads during the 2016 Election. According to recent news reports, this investment of a mere $155,000 changed the election. Why does this seem far fetched to me? Because it is a generally accepted rule of thumb that the ROI on Facebook advertising is basically worthless…

SEGMENT – One Man Can Change the World

Once upon a time (Sept 26, 1983), a man you’ve probably never heard about, changed the world.

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In this episode J talks about his experience in the Navy as a person that navigated through restricted waterways.

He will explain why navigating is dangerous in the simplest of times and harrowing in the worst of times.

J also explains about navigation in detail.


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Traffic Court

SEGMENT – 9/11

My son, for the first time, this year, asked me about the Towers.

In many ways, 9/11 for him, is much like Pearl Harbor for me. That is to say that it is an event with which he will have to live with the consequences, without having lived through the actual event. The war(s) resulting from 9/11 have now been declared “the longest” in our history. But for fourty-six years we lived with the consequences and fallout from World War II…

Segment – The Elimination of Privacy In America

You’ve heard the stories about Google and Facebook and probably even JC Penny’s monitoring your online use and “targeting” ads for you to see every day. For me, it’s rather humorous. Because of the nature of my work, I spend a good deal of time researching things that I would otherwise have no interest in. Then I get ads related to those things, which I ignore and click on “Not relevant to me.”

Then, like most of you, I go out and buy a living room table on my credit card.

And in some room full of computers somewhere, somebody takes notice of that.

What does it mean that Dave just bought a dining room set at a furniture store in Bremerton, Washington? What information can we glean from this purchase? what might it predict that Dave will do next?

Don’t think that’s happening?

You might think that Equifax is *just* a credit reporting company.

But it’s not *just* that. And while you might think that 143 Million Americans getting their data breached because of Equifax carelessness, it’s what they may have been doing with that data in the first place that should really make you mad.

SEGMENT – Traffic Court

I have to go to Traffic Court today. I guess that’s not 100% accurate, I chose to go to Traffic Court today because I received a Red Light Camera ticket via mail. Oddly enough, the pictures that came with a sworn statement, signed by a local LEO, are clearly my truck. Stopped at a red light. Brakes on and not moving. So my wife said, and I quote, “You’re fighting this one…”

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The Search for Drew

On this hilarity-laden episode of the Ale Evangelist Show, Drew ACTUALLY remembers that we’re recording, so we FINALLY get to drink the Ale Apothecary’s The Beer Formerly Known as LaTache. The well-balanced sour goes down smooth as we talk about various news in the beer world.  

Did you know that Annheuser Busch’s craft beer buying division just laid off most of its employees? Is the Scotsman happy about this?

Did you know that certain beers have been linked to man b….well, just listen to find out what we’re talking about.  

It was a fun show to record; you don’t want to miss this episode of the Ale Evangelist Show.

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Advanced Nukes


SEGMENT 1 – PDRK “Advanced Nuke”

North Korea claims to have both tested a “hydrogen” bomb and to have mounted it into a missile. Assuming (and yes, I know what that means), what do we do about it? The President will have to decide, but what would President Dave do?  There’s a couple of paths open to us, but neither are very promising. Both will leave millions of Koreans in harms way and lead to another ground war on the Korean Peninsula…


In Salt Lake City, a Nurse is arrested for refusing to help a Police Officer carry out a warrantless search. By now, the Salt Lake PD has apologized and the Mayor has issued his apologetic statement. The Nurse was released without charges, but pretty much everybody assumes (and you know what happens then) that she’s going sue. I’m not so sure. In any case, how does something like this happen? Is it “just a mistake?”

The problem seems to be even more widespread than we want to accept. In Seattle, a local Deputy pulls a gun (in a very odd manner) on a motorcyclist stopped at a red light. And a now former Police Officer who was found guilty of violating the civil rights of a man she arrested (falsely) is given back pay and allowed to retire. Why? What is the real problem in all of this? Is it really just a few “rogue cops?” Or is there something… else that should concern us?

SEGMENT 3 – The Hitchhikers Guide to Banana Peels

The Golgafrinchams created a society in which elitist intelligencia was able to convince themselves that a third of their population, such as accountants, hairdressers and telephone sanitizers, was completely unnecessary. Using “Fake News,” they convinced the “useless” uneducated third of their population that the planet was about to be destroyed by nature or an asteroid or a nova or rampaging elephants, something along those lines. Using the power of persuasion, they convinced the useless third of their population to board Ark B and set out for a new home, while the remaining important smart people stayed behind having tricked the useless third into leaving them alone. The story ends with the Golgafrinchams who strayed behind all dying from a virulent disease they caught from a dirty telephone.

What’s the parallel? Over the past thirty years, so much emphasis has been put on college and degrees, that there is now a critical – one might say desperate – need for “tradesmen.” But before you get too excited about that, remember that the Antifa-Left regards those who don’t value college educations as a characteristic of the Alt-Right. Meaning that in their world, if you don’t have or feel the need for a College Education, you are by their definition a racist Neo-Nazi. Then they complain about how much it costs to get a good contractor to fix their hot tubs.

This was brought ever more to mind this past week when we earned that a college in Mississippi tried to hold some kind of retreat. It was cancelled when a careless person tossed a banana peel into a tree.

Which actually might be the dumbest sentence I’ve even written…


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