Ep 457 – Auntie Maxine Exposed!

It’s time for us all to take a trip back in time and remember how around a decade ago we saw Auntie Maxine exposed. Back when the financial crisis hit, Maxine Waters personally went to the head of the Treasury, begging for a meeting with OneUnited Bank, hoping for some bailout money. What she didn’t... Continue Reading →


Testing Some Theories

Proper scientific methodology requires that we first state our theory, then use it to predict activity, then test to see if the predicted activity occurs. So today we look at some testing results... I told you the other day that the entire Russian thing is just a gigantic performance of virtue signaling. If you don't... Continue Reading →

Ep 456 – Contra Ellison

Keith Ellison is an interesting politician, not just because of his background and views, but because his views are gaining traction within the Democrat party. We need to pay attention to the real leaders in the DNC, not just Nancy Pelosi. Although she is the “leader” of the party, her health is clearly diminishing, and younger, far... Continue Reading →

A Republican Form of Government

We have our definition of "republic," but what if that wasn't necessarily the definition the Framers had? A few years ago there was a wonderful show on TV, "How the States Got Their Shapes." Host Brian Unger takes you around the country and looks at.... well... how the states got their shapes. It's all based... Continue Reading →

Ep 455 – Trump and Putin

Days after the meeting of Trump and Putin, Tim finally speaks on the topic at length. The key to remember here is that there are thousands of individuals within the American government who are pointing the finger at Russia, only as a distraction for what they have been up to. The opening statements from both Donald Trump and Vladimir... Continue Reading →

Befuddled Virtue Signaling

"The entire point of the entire Russia thing is simply Virtue Signaling. If YOU hold values contrary to the Progressive Left, YOU will be labeled a Russian Stooge." I am Mark Canha sorry about not being here yesterday. The day wasn't the brilliant success I'd hoped for, but it was still great to get away... Continue Reading →

Ep 454 – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new face of the Democratic party. However, in a recent interview, she unveiled her ignorance of basic economics, the free market system, and told the truth about her utopian communist worldview. In her eyes, capitalism has done well, but its time has passed, and it needs to be replaced. Replaced by... Continue Reading →

Register Today and Save!!!

Dave's medical appointment was pretty typical of the way we do medical care these days. Thank goodness you can "Register Today and Save!!!!" This mornings press conference with Trump and Putin was less press conference than it was political theatre, to be viewed solely through the lens of your own political viewpoint rather than anything... Continue Reading →

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