The IRS Called… | Plausibly Live

Source: The IRS Called… | Plausibly Live I’m still not 100%. I’m barely 50%, but we’re gonna give it a go. You know how it’s fun to call those IRS scammers back and mess with them? Don’t do that. It’s exactly what they want. Besides which, all of the non-essential IRS employees, something around... Continue Reading →


The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics | Plausibly Live Everybody ready for 2019? We start in the midst of yet another “partial” Government shutdown. Depending on your politics, this is either stupid or it’s brilliant. Add in a major nationally – actually internationally – covered illegal immigration versus legal immigration story, and you have a boiling pot of discussion, debate and flat out... Continue Reading →

CT – Res Republica | Plausibly Live DOWNLOAD MP3 The Constitution guarantees each and every state a “republican form of government.” So is Florida’s rather hectic and confused use of multiple methods of amending its State Constitution actually “Constitutional” in the sense of being done by a “republican form of government” as guaranteed in Article IV, Section 4? Once upon a... Continue Reading →

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