So let’s get right to it… the President says that any Jew who votes Democrat is “disloyal” or misinformed. Jewish leaders are outraged. Based on my inbox, many of you are in agreement with the President. So, let’s get to it, shall we?


Frames of Reference

  In the middle of the 3rd take today, a great miracle happened there! After rearranging the office and moving the desk, we sit down to talk about the idea that different people have different frames of reference. In reality, this is why people have different ideas of how to get where we all say... Continue Reading →

Literally, Hitler

  For several years now, I have followed a Page which follows the day-by-day events of World War II. Believe me, it is fascinating and it has been a learning experience. A couple of years back though, the writer of the page expanded to a new page - World War II 85 Years Ago, which... Continue Reading →

Expanding Pockets

Some days, the jokes just write themselves. I read in Smithsonian Magazine that scientists have discovered a "new species' of leech in the swamps around Washington, D.C. seriously, they really did. After the obvious punch lines, I actually read the article, not just the headline. After all of that, I am not sure that they... Continue Reading →

We’re Not Here To Have Fun

I had a late night last night, so I am just trying to get caught up on the biggest 'news" items of the day. You know, like the broken bones in Epstein's neck which (according to Fox News) "prove that Clinton murdered him." The Philadelphia shooter broke the law by having a gun. But that's... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Cat Posters

  It probably started back in the Garden of Eden when the Serpent made his false claim about knowledge to Eve. It wasn't what was said. She knew what he was talking about. It was who said it. G-d was ephemeral and unseen. The Serpent was real, you could touch it and see it. You... Continue Reading →

Signed, Epstein’s Mother

  Jeffery Epstein is dead. We Americans have something of an odd streak when it comes to humor, especially so-called "dark humor." Back in 2001, literally less than twenty-four hours after the events of 9-11, I heard the first 9-11 joke. It was tasteless. It was highly inappropriate. Most of all it was highly insensitive.... Continue Reading →


  A question about submarines and nuclear weapons has Dave off and running on a Friday when pretty everybody is sick and tired of the same old political discussion. So let's look at some of the history of the Cold war and why we do things the way that we do them...

Legions of Veterans

After a frustrating few days, Dave has gotten zero show prep done. Unlike Smok'n Jay cutler though, he's here to finish the game. This year to date, seventy-eight active duty USAF airmen have taken their own lives. while deGrasse Tyson pointed out in his Tweet that 125 people a day are committing suicide, the idea... Continue Reading →

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