Moral Arguments

In the initial fallout of the Alabama Bomb come the moral arguments. for all of the debate over whether or not a fetus is a human life or just a "mass of cells," the one that stands out to me is the "My Body My choice" arguments. Why? Because regardless of where you are on... Continue Reading →


When Alabama Gets The Bomb

One of my mentors in this business once told me that there are topics which should always be avoided. The number one reason for that is that nothing that I say is going to change anybody's mind. Period. People have already made up their minds about it and anybody who says that they haven't is... Continue Reading →

Calming Down

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib's recent comments about the Holocaust have a whole lot of people up in arms. The truth is that she is more about Palestine than anything else, but oddly enough many Muslims have accused her of "not being Muslim enough." In any case, her comments were weird and oddly phrased, and yes, they... Continue Reading →

He Did Not Know Joseph

The weeping and gnashing of teeth over the demise of the study of History continues. But in a completely unrelated story, the younger generations aren't just not reading, they lack critical reading skills. Now... on the one hand, this is hyperbole. The same complaint was made of my generation (Baby Boomers), my wife's (GenX)*. At... Continue Reading →

I Have Questions

Most of us have long ago said that we believe that Facebook and Twitter (and other Social Media platforms) have the "right" to ban whomever they please, because, "it's not a First Amendment issue." In fact, even Trump's legal team seems to agree with this position. But solely for the purpose of careful consideration of... Continue Reading →

The Bit Rate

What is the difference between something that is "Important" and something that is "Urgent?" Our own biases, both pattern and cognitive, often prevent us from telling the difference. In a world where pretty much everything is conducted in "HOLY HELL, THIS IS A FIRE!" Mode, it has become even more important to be able to... Continue Reading →

Myths and Realities

In today's politically charged atmosphere it is easier to just assume that whenever anybody "on the other side" says something - anything at all - it is automatically 100% wrong. Why? Because they are on the other side and we don't like them. Therefore, whatever they say, even if it is as simple as "The... Continue Reading →

National Honesty Day

It's "National Honesty Day." Seriously, I did not make that up. we'll review what one national magazine says are the top liars of all time, and then Dave will tell you what he honestly feels about the Poway Chabad Synagogue shooting. Some of you will, no doubt, be offended. Tango Sierra. On National Honesty Day,... Continue Reading →

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