It's hard to believe that we are coming up on ten years of Constitution Thursday... September 17th is, of course, Constitution Day, the day that the framers signed the proposed Constitution of the United States. It is also the birthday of one John Rutledge, a member of the Convention that proposed the new Constitution. He... Continue Reading →


You Were Working As a Waitress In a Cocktail Bar

Three of the 2020 Candidates for President of the United States have made their service in the Military as "focal" points for their campaigns. That said, they aren't necessarily only playing that card, but they have all made their service known ála John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. Now, Stars & Stripes has a front-page... Continue Reading →

Facing the Storm

Storms are a fact of life. That doesn't make them any less scary or any less dangerous. Ben is terrified by thunder, and that threw a wrench into my monkey last night as I attempted to get ahead of the game. By the time we were all calmed down and back to Stable 1, it... Continue Reading →

I’m a Joker, I’m a Vaper

The latest flick from the completely out of ideas Hollywood is yet another Batman film about the Joker. Meanwhile, Vapers are hearing the joke is on them as governments around the nation threaten to ban their products. Well… kind of. After all, they don’t want to lose too much tax revenue…


  A little known dave! Diamond fact is that I enjoy Country Music. Not the old style twangy, my dog died my wife left me and took my truck stuff. I like the "modern" Country Music. Which I realize make me a heretic. So be it. A year or so ag I came across a... Continue Reading →


Howard Shultz made the "courageous" decision yesterday to not run for President of the United States. Given that pretty much the only person with less support for President was Jay Inslee, it appears that maybe the nation isn't ready for a Washingtonian Chief Executive. To make sure that you get his point, Shultz is blaming... Continue Reading →

The NPV Death Knell?

The recent decision by the 10th Circuit court has renewed interest in two things: first, the Electoral College and the possibility of so-called "Faithless Electors." Second, the idea of the interstate compact known as "The National Popular Vote." The idea of the second is to "guarantee" that the person who gets the most "popular votes"... Continue Reading →

Beginnings & Big Innings

The remarkable thing about Sports is how they bring people together. Left, Right, Middle, Black, White, Latino, Asian, it doesn't actually matter when the game is on the line and you're holding your breath to see what happens. The unrestrained joy or shared disappointment will overcome pretty much everything else. I guess for me, sports... Continue Reading →


For me, Hurricanes are NOT the most frightening natural disaster. There are at least a couple of reasons for that, but the main one is simply this - I live in the 21st Century. I can see them coming. Hurricanes, or in the woke times in which we live He/Him or She/Her-i-canes aren't known, at... Continue Reading →

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