Do you know why I don't worry about Global warming or volcanoes or recycling? Because we are all going to die. Evolution is as certain as a sunrise (for the next few billion years, anyway). Nobody gets out alive and humanity will come to an end someday, regardless of how many taxes we raise or... Continue Reading →



Tim Preuss opens the program by talking about the recent mass shooting in New Zealand, which brings a mirage of other issues to the table, including gun control, suicide, and mental health. Is the problem guns? No. Is the problem Donald Trump? No. The problem is crazy people, who do crazy things, that can never... Continue Reading →

Odious Thoughts

A passion for Free Speech is a hazard of the job, I suppose. from my high School daze in Utah right down to today, freedom of speech and religion are two things about which I am both passionate and obsessive. In all likelihood, we could do a show every day about the benefits and the... Continue Reading →


This is The President & The Constitution,” a Friday feature segment of The Dave Bowman Show Today we turn the pages of history to 1852 when one of the most forgotten men in American History won election to the highest office in the land. How he got there isn’t as important as what he did.... Continue Reading →

Leno’s Lament

  At long last, the Virginia Delegates to the States Ratification Convention arrive in Richmond. Unlike other States, the Virginia Convention will be open to the public. It will be raucous and passionate and it will feature some of the biggest names in American history. The Federalists initially outnumber the Anti-federalists by a slim margin... Continue Reading →

$ailing into College

A mere twenty-four hours ago I had no clue - none - as to the question: "Who are Felicity Huffman or Lori Laughlin? I still don't know anything about them, other than they are actresses (people who pretend to be other people) and both in big trouble for cheating to get their kids into "elite"... Continue Reading →

The Infusion of Myth

Nancy Pelosi informed us that she will not be impeaching President Trump. There are a great many of people who have bought into the myth that the Mueller report was going to instantly indict and execute President Trump, but Pelosi's popping of that bubble has them wondering why they believed the myth in the first... Continue Reading →

1850 or 2019?

My pattern bias is hard at work again. I was doing my Show Prep for Thursday and Friday, and I came across a post by a friend who wants to break up California because it is "too liberal" for his tastes. The problem is, of course, that solution will not result in one "Liberal California... Continue Reading →

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